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Shameless promotion


Hey-o :D

Man, I am really digging this coaching stuff. So much so, that I would dig it even more if I had more people to coach! And that is why I am using this here blog of mine, to do a little shameless promotion, in an effort to help get the word out, and potentially make some new connections. Let me tell you a little bit about what I do.

I help folks achieve better balance and brighter bliss; I aid people in the attainment of their goals; and I encourage individuals to “embrace life with a holistically divine perspective”. Like a personal gardening tool, I work with clients to upgrade their skills, master their psychology, strategize new actions, clarify their direction, and optimize their environment. “Spade” and grow :)

Just for fun, I created this “How balanced are you?” quiz – take it, and see where you land. Feel free to share the experience, too!

Wishing you a blissful moment :)


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Texan Relocation – Update 8

farm cat

Farm Cat

I started volunteering at a wonderful local farm, called Green Gate Farms, and rediscovered the simple joy of working with the earth, with others who share a common and wholesome goal. It’s reminiscent of my WWOOF’ing days in Italy, but has a different flavor in that I’m now establishing connections with a community in which I intend to continue to participate for the foreseeable future, and developing skills with which I aim to improve my capacity for self-reliance, and to implement in my upcoming business venture. On my initial visit, I spotted a sneaky farm cat in a pumpkin cut-out :)

After just under a month at the hotel, I am grateful for the opportunity to embellish my CV, and eager to return to self-employment. In another few weeks, I shall reconnect with the lending institution, and reevaluate my standing there.

My living situation is temporarily stabilized. I’ve a makeshift bedroom in the dining room at my friend’s place, and I’m pitching in a little for their trouble, in exchange for the convenience of its ideal location and close proximity to downtown and my work, the fenced yard and house-mate help for Cin, and the ease of not having to relocate yet again.

I’ve resumed my involvement in the Liberty Movement and attended a few related meetups. I’ve also joined – though not yet attended – an intriguing meetup regarding “Integral Theory“, which seems to have quite the potential be another interesting journey of spiritual discovery. (I even bought Integral Life Practice for my Kindle, to get up to speed.) I also plan to check out Austin’s Center for Spiritual Living this weekend.

Soon, I will finish the process of residency establishment – I’ve updated my address, switched over my car insurance; just need to register the car, get Texas plates, get a Texas driver’s license, and register to vote – and then my Texan Relocation will be complete, and I will truly feel like an official Texan.

I’m still exceedingly thrilled to be here in Austin, Texas, and I find a unique contentedness of location I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced before. I witnessed my first Austin sunrise as a local today during my morning ride to work :)

Looking forward to my future here!

capitol sunrise

Capitol Sunrise

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