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Austin Anniversary

goodlife in atx

The good life, indeed – Austin is amazing. (I actually photographed that mural, myself.) I have been here for one whole year, today – it’s my Austin Anniversary! I’m even throwing a little party for myself to celebrate :)

It’s crazy how a year can simultaneously feel so brief and so vast. I suppose when it’s a year unlike any other – one in which I moved halfway across the country, with just my dog and what fit in my car, and I went through all the trials and tribulations of getting situated in a new town, stumbling along a new career path, and struggling to make new friends – such a year can seem like a good chunk of a lifetime. It’s interesting, though, how it can also feel like only yesterday that none of this had happened. Mostly, though, it seems nuts that it’s only been one year.

Sometimes I’m amazed at how much good fortune has befallen me – most notably, my remarkably ideal living situation. It can be challenging, though, as I am faced with the numerous defeats I’ve encountered on my various quests. Nevertheless, I am daily reminded of my blessings, and the beauty of Austin is a major factor in that attitude. There is bountiful natural beauty here, as well as a beauty of spirit among the inhabitants. Although I am still getting my life in order, I am just so tickled to be living here, and thoroughly excited to make the most of all that this splendid locale has to offer.

As for my latest developments:

I have been trying to find suitable alternatives to my less than desirable employment situation for many months, and have come up rather short. And yet, I have decided to leave, despite lacking a solid alternative. October 10th will be my one year mark at that job, and I find it a fitting date to make my last; I’ll be making the official announcement within the next week. I do have the dog training thing lined up, but it seems to be developing at a painfully slow pace, and I don’t know how long it will take to become fruitful. I’m thinking I will take on some side work with a delivery service, as well. In any case, I refuse to stay at that hotel, in such discontentment, any longer. In addition, I am going to try my hand another small business…

I hosted my first couchsurfer, who turned out to be an awesome chick, who shares much in common with myself, and is actually a new Austinite and friend. Her endeavors have inspired me to (among other things) pursue a passing fancy I had a while back, to make a small business out of my skills with whipping up websites and business cards. I would seek to encourage folks to take on solopreneurship, and hire me to help them do so. I had created a site for it previously, and recently embellished it a bit, and drafted business cards and promotional post-card flyers, which I just ordered today :) Check it out.

I’m also making greater strides toward establishing a good social network of friends and mentors. It feels good :) I am very anxious to have more time for more of this after the hotel. I’m finally feeling a sense of community with the meetup I’ve been attending most regularly (on the subject of Integral Theory), and there are some really amazing people in that group. I see positive things in my future :) Based on this experience, I would certainly advise anyone moving to a new city, to definitely give it at least a year before making a judgment call on its success or failure.

Mars in Austin = WIN!

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1 year from Seattle

Well, it has been 1 year, today, since I left Seattle, to move to Texas. Can’t say I’ve looked back much. I am so pleased to live in a place I feel welcome. There is much to praise about Austin.

The few things that come to mind most frequently, that I wish I had here, are actually food spots. Namely, Rain City Burgers, Mr. Gyros, and El Chupacabra. (I’ve discovered another Chupacabra here; it’s wholly unrelated, but it’s on my list to try.) I also missed the Seamonster Lounge for a while, but there are a great number and variety of watering holes and music venues here to choose from, a few of which I am growing quite fond; many of which I still have to explore.

My plans, as they have a tendency to do, have taken numerous detours, but my hostel goal remains the same. I do believe Austin is the place to do it, and I don’t know that I could find a more personally suitable location to call home.

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Texan Relocation – Update 5

Mosaic Austin

Mosaic Austin

I have a friend – a sort-of cousin among a family of friends, in that we’ve known each other a long time through mutual friends, though never developed a close kinship, and yet maintain a familial bond – who moved down here a few years ago. Through some technical difficulties, we lost touch a couple months ago, and we finally reconnected last Saturday. Let me just say, oh what sweet relief! Although I’m sleeping on the couch, my days of couchsurfing have come to an end, as my gracious friend, and a pair of equally hospitable roommates, have extended me an indefinite welcome.

I am so grateful for the generosity of the couchsurfing hosts I’ve stayed with these past couple weeks, and I am so relieved to be rid of the perpetual search for lodging. I collected my belongings from the first host’s shed, and now have all my few bits of stuff in one place. I even unpacked a couple things! It’s a wonderful thing to be able to go grocery shopping, and I never thought I’d so enjoy cooking and cleaning!

There were also some technical difficulties with the transmission of my business plan to the business loan guy at the credit union, so that got pushed back a little, but I’m hoping to hear from him in the next day or two. I’ve got my eye on a house I’d love to go look at… Just gotta get that funding approved!

I went ahead and posted a craigslist ad for house-call doggie nail trims a few days ago, and I got a response today! :D Hopefully more will follow… I also spoke to a woman at the dog park recently about her new pooch, and she might contact me for more training tips. :) I’ve made up a couple fliers – one about training, and one about nail trims, that I will post around the neighborhood once I pick up some printer paper.

I am reminded every day about how happy I am to be here. I finally live in a warm climate! And it’s so gosh-darn beautiful here. :) I’m just thrilled to be making a new home in this marvelous town.

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