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New year, new adventures

nature mosaic

A beautiful mosaic here in Austin over on the east side

Happy 2015!

In yet another direction change, I have made the choice to try on a whole new career – Life Coach :D I actually hired one recently to help me get unstuck, and then I realized that doing what she does, fits remarkably well with who I am and what I value. Serendipitously, she even offers her own course in coaching :) My first priority, though, is to recover an income, as the dog training bit hasn’t really come together so well. Surprisingly, I have applied for a part time position at my credit union. The hours suit me, and I think it will be pleasant enough for the six months to a year that my education will take.

My New Year’s Resolution this year was a bit of a break from the past few years, where I had set intentions of the metaphysical persuasion. This year though, I have a rather concrete goal. A few years ago, I started piecing together a self-help book, comprised of my notes and learnings in personal growth and spiritual development. I aim to finish it in 2015 :) When pondering the nature of my future coaching practice, I realized that it will blend seamlessly with this book! I’ve gone ahead and titled them both the same, and I hope to launch them simultaneously :D (No spoilers yet; gotta keep those cards close.)

I’m really excited about my new journey. It’s so encouraging to finally have some clarity for a future that looks fulfilling. Still holding that hostel in my sights, but the path to it is looking much brighter :)

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Texan Relocation – Update 7

I got the job!!

I thought I was done with standard employment, but Life brought me back to it for this amazing opportunity to learn about the hospitality industry in a most elegant setting. A minor detour to my goal, with a major benefit to gain.

I started work today, and I have so much to learn! I am truly excited about this little adventure :) The place I’m staying is conveniently just 1.3 miles from the hotel, so I picked up a sweet bike off of craigslist yesterday, and I now commute by bicycle – it’s great!

I’m a little bummed that my dog now has an owner who works full-time at a place she can’t come, but I’m blessed with great house-mates who are happy to look after her :) Plus, it’s only temporary.

My path may have just got a little longer, but it also got distinctly more interesting ;)

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(Sub)Tropic Thunder

Subtropic Thunder ATX

Subtropic Thunder ATX

I’ve long said I wanted to live in the tropics…

When I stepped outside, moments ago, to take a gander at the torrential downpour and thunderstorm underway, it struck me: I’ve made it! Well, I’m in the subtropics anyway.

I was hugged by a softly humid 92 degrees (F), I was surrounded by a lush and dense greenness, and – despite the mosquitoes feasting on me – I was smiling. Few things beat achieving your dreams. :)

In fact, I suppose the only contender would be those pleasant surprises you never dared to hope for, or even thought to wish for… Success and Serendipity – what a lovely pair of accessories to Life’s milieu!

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