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Grateful for my home

cin thxgvg trip 2014

Cin on the road

I went away for Thanksgiving, to Colorado, to share the holiday with my mom and sister, and her extended family. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but that, of course, applies only to things of which the heart is already fond. The other day, I discovered just how fond I am of my new home. While I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, I was so thrilled to cross back into Texas. I have not felt such a sense of home and happiness in a very long time. It feels good :)

I brought my dog, so we drove. It was a lot of driving. I love it when she rests her head on the back seat and looks out the rear window :)

I hope everyone had a joyous Thanksgiving, and has much to be thankful for :)

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Adventures in expansion

Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool

Man, life really is good :) I finally made it out to Hamilton Pool, I’m getting involved in numerous social engagements, and income is starting to flow from all the seeds I’ve planted. I got my doggie nail trimming gig all lined up; I completed my first dog training session; I started a meetup to support established – and encourage prospective – solopreneurs; I’m getting the hang of couriering; and I get paid to be happy!

That’s right: I have decided that the belief, “I have to work hard to make lots of money” (and the corollary “truth” that if I don’t want to work “hard”, then I won’t make lots of money), is more limiting than empowering, so I rewrote it. A couple years ago, I established my personal mission statement as “spreading joy, with integrity”, and I have come to consider that my cosmic duty – for which the Universe employs me. In fact, the very next day after I embraced this new belief, I received a payment from the sale of my prior business :) I have also made efforts to enhance my karmic flow by affecting an increase in giving. The day after I let go of my resistance to giving something that was presenting as somewhat of a hardship, I received that dog training gig. The feedback I’ve been getting from these decisions has been pretty remarkable. I’m more motivated than ever to strengthen my blissipline!

I find it invigorating to have things to look forward to, and right now, I’ve got a few goodies lined up: I’m taking a trip to Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with family :) A dear friend of mine is coming for a visit in December, and will be staying with me through Christmas morning :) A great friend and inspiration is facilitating a workshop in which I will (again) participate (it was, in fact, the stimulus to start this very blog), which begins in March :) I also have a job I have to do, that I am very excited, anxious, and nervous about: I must approach – as in go and knock on the door of – this house near my home, and charmingly explain that I am on a mission to support community and sustainability by way of an eco-hostel here in Austin, and that their property has captured my attention, and I am interested in discussing its future, perhaps over coffee or tea sometime… Ughhh! What if they slam the door in my face?? That house is so perfect, and so neglected. I have to try (I’ve asked Omni to let me know, sometime before the end of the year, when it’s the best time to do it), but I have all my hope right now in that one basket. Alas, if it does not go as I desire, the better route lies further ahead. Anyway, great things in my near future :)

Those enriching social engagements I mentioned include a philosophy group on Integral theory, a discussion group on spirituality, a women’s group for fun and support, a networking group for solopreneurs, a happy hour for the local couchsurfing community, and more opportunities than I’ve had since I got here to take people up on random outings. Good things :)

Life is better when it operates on your terms. Fer sure.

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Birthday retreat

I took my dog, and we went and met the Gulf :)

She LOVED it!

padre 3

Cin at Padre

I found peace in the experience, but I’ve confirmed my suspicion that I’m just not one of those people who thrive on interaction with the beach / ocean / seashore. I do, however, find comfort in a relatively close proximity to a coast. Austin satisfies that, and this trip solidified it for me, as well as my drive to greet certain geographic features.

This was my first use of airbnb, and it treated me quite well.


Blew Pony Bunkhouse

The Gulf Coast is very patchy, and there are many water ways in between land ways. To get from Aransas Pass, where we lodged, to the end-of-the-line true coast, we crossed by one of many little ferries that run a short little jaunt over to Port Aransas, or “Port A”.

port a ferry 3

Port A ferries

First things first: we greeted the Gulf waters. Hello Gulf.

gulf water 1

Next, we hit the beach and enjoyed the Gulf’s warm waters and cool breezes (both in the 80s) for a spell, then headed further south, to check out the beach at Padre before returning to the bunkhouse after much time on the road.

Sadly, I had only the one night’s stay in my budget, but it served my purpose, nonetheless. I awoke in the morning, having completed another trip around the sun since birth, and we packed up to head home, but not without a final farewell to the Gulf at Portland.

portland tx 1

Portland, TX

Cin frolicked some more, and we hit the road.

My favorite pic was the first I snapped, when Cin first ran the shore. It’s a fitting finale :)

gulf cin 1 (2)

Port A Cin



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Battle of the Burrs

So… there are some fiendish little seeds down here that have made their way into the number 2 slot for my least favorite things at present (number 1 being mosquitoes): burrs. The way in which these devil dots are affecting me negatively has to do with my dog. She has a grand ol’ time frolicking through the bushes, then comes out with a blanket of green mats, and when we get home I spend 1 to 2 hours de-burring her. The other day was the worst yet, and after an initial go at brushing her out on the kitchen floor, I found myself too daunted by the task at hand, and made the heart-wrenching decision to surrender. I took her to the groomers… and… I had her shaved :( I almost cried. She loves it, but I feel like I just butchered a work of art.

cin shave 3

Unfortunately, shortly after this pic was snapped, she collected a new burr coat. It took 50min to remove at home. Fortunately, it was much easier, but I’m hating these things with a renewed passion.

Here is a poor photo of one of the shrubs that bear the burrberries:

burr bush

Here are a few of the demon spawn:

burr berries

Here is a sea of them:

burr sea

And here is Cinnamon after a swim:

burr coat

I wish I had taken a photo of her with these covering her full coat.

So, now she’s got her summer cut, and I’m bummed about my dumb looking monkey-deer-dog, while I get to continue raking these hellions off of her multiple times a week. Thank you, Texas. (Overall, I really am still happy to be here.) I’m planning on acquiring my own grooming clippers so that I can take care of the trim next year myself, and shear her coat to a more moderate length – before she gets matted to emergency.

Hopefully, I will find a way to live in peace with this native plant. At least it only goes to seed a couple months per year. I suppose I can learn to just push through the Texan summers, with their intense heat, voracious mosquitoes, and pesky burrs. There is quite a lot this fair city has to offer in return :)

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Texan Relocation – Update 7

I got the job!!

I thought I was done with standard employment, but Life brought me back to it for this amazing opportunity to learn about the hospitality industry in a most elegant setting. A minor detour to my goal, with a major benefit to gain.

I started work today, and I have so much to learn! I am truly excited about this little adventure :) The place I’m staying is conveniently just 1.3 miles from the hotel, so I picked up a sweet bike off of craigslist yesterday, and I now commute by bicycle – it’s great!

I’m a little bummed that my dog now has an owner who works full-time at a place she can’t come, but I’m blessed with great house-mates who are happy to look after her :) Plus, it’s only temporary.

My path may have just got a little longer, but it also got distinctly more interesting ;)

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