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Adventures in expansion

Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool

Man, life really is good :) I finally made it out to Hamilton Pool, I’m getting involved in numerous social engagements, and income is starting to flow from all the seeds I’ve planted. I got my doggie nail trimming gig all lined up; I completed my first dog training session; I started a meetup to support established – and encourage prospective – solopreneurs; I’m getting the hang of couriering; and I get paid to be happy!

That’s right: I have decided that the belief, “I have to work hard to make lots of money” (and the corollary “truth” that if I don’t want to work “hard”, then I won’t make lots of money), is more limiting than empowering, so I rewrote it. A couple years ago, I established my personal mission statement as “spreading joy, with integrity”, and I have come to consider that my cosmic duty – for which the Universe employs me. In fact, the very next day after I embraced this new belief, I received a payment from the sale of my prior business :) I have also made efforts to enhance my karmic flow by affecting an increase in giving. The day after I let go of my resistance to giving something that was presenting as somewhat of a hardship, I received that dog training gig. The feedback I’ve been getting from these decisions has been pretty remarkable. I’m more motivated than ever to strengthen my blissipline!

I find it invigorating to have things to look forward to, and right now, I’ve got a few goodies lined up: I’m taking a trip to Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with family :) A dear friend of mine is coming for a visit in December, and will be staying with me through Christmas morning :) A great friend and inspiration is facilitating a workshop in which I will (again) participate (it was, in fact, the stimulus to start this very blog), which begins in March :) I also have a job I have to do, that I am very excited, anxious, and nervous about: I must approach – as in go and knock on the door of – this house near my home, and charmingly explain that I am on a mission to support community and sustainability by way of an eco-hostel here in Austin, and that their property has captured my attention, and I am interested in discussing its future, perhaps over coffee or tea sometime… Ughhh! What if they slam the door in my face?? That house is so perfect, and so neglected. I have to try (I’ve asked Omni to let me know, sometime before the end of the year, when it’s the best time to do it), but I have all my hope right now in that one basket. Alas, if it does not go as I desire, the better route lies further ahead. Anyway, great things in my near future :)

Those enriching social engagements I mentioned include a philosophy group on Integral theory, a discussion group on spirituality, a women’s group for fun and support, a networking group for solopreneurs, a happy hour for the local couchsurfing community, and more opportunities than I’ve had since I got here to take people up on random outings. Good things :)

Life is better when it operates on your terms. Fer sure.

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Austin Anniversary

goodlife in atx

The good life, indeed – Austin is amazing. (I actually photographed that mural, myself.) I have been here for one whole year, today – it’s my Austin Anniversary! I’m even throwing a little party for myself to celebrate :)

It’s crazy how a year can simultaneously feel so brief and so vast. I suppose when it’s a year unlike any other – one in which I moved halfway across the country, with just my dog and what fit in my car, and I went through all the trials and tribulations of getting situated in a new town, stumbling along a new career path, and struggling to make new friends – such a year can seem like a good chunk of a lifetime. It’s interesting, though, how it can also feel like only yesterday that none of this had happened. Mostly, though, it seems nuts that it’s only been one year.

Sometimes I’m amazed at how much good fortune has befallen me – most notably, my remarkably ideal living situation. It can be challenging, though, as I am faced with the numerous defeats I’ve encountered on my various quests. Nevertheless, I am daily reminded of my blessings, and the beauty of Austin is a major factor in that attitude. There is bountiful natural beauty here, as well as a beauty of spirit among the inhabitants. Although I am still getting my life in order, I am just so tickled to be living here, and thoroughly excited to make the most of all that this splendid locale has to offer.

As for my latest developments:

I have been trying to find suitable alternatives to my less than desirable employment situation for many months, and have come up rather short. And yet, I have decided to leave, despite lacking a solid alternative. October 10th will be my one year mark at that job, and I find it a fitting date to make my last; I’ll be making the official announcement within the next week. I do have the dog training thing lined up, but it seems to be developing at a painfully slow pace, and I don’t know how long it will take to become fruitful. I’m thinking I will take on some side work with a delivery service, as well. In any case, I refuse to stay at that hotel, in such discontentment, any longer. In addition, I am going to try my hand another small business…

I hosted my first couchsurfer, who turned out to be an awesome chick, who shares much in common with myself, and is actually a new Austinite and friend. Her endeavors have inspired me to (among other things) pursue a passing fancy I had a while back, to make a small business out of my skills with whipping up websites and business cards. I would seek to encourage folks to take on solopreneurship, and hire me to help them do so. I had created a site for it previously, and recently embellished it a bit, and drafted business cards and promotional post-card flyers, which I just ordered today :) Check it out.

I’m also making greater strides toward establishing a good social network of friends and mentors. It feels good :) I am very anxious to have more time for more of this after the hotel. I’m finally feeling a sense of community with the meetup I’ve been attending most regularly (on the subject of Integral Theory), and there are some really amazing people in that group. I see positive things in my future :) Based on this experience, I would certainly advise anyone moving to a new city, to definitely give it at least a year before making a judgment call on its success or failure.

Mars in Austin = WIN!

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1 year from Seattle

Well, it has been 1 year, today, since I left Seattle, to move to Texas. Can’t say I’ve looked back much. I am so pleased to live in a place I feel welcome. There is much to praise about Austin.

The few things that come to mind most frequently, that I wish I had here, are actually food spots. Namely, Rain City Burgers, Mr. Gyros, and El Chupacabra. (I’ve discovered another Chupacabra here; it’s wholly unrelated, but it’s on my list to try.) I also missed the Seamonster Lounge for a while, but there are a great number and variety of watering holes and music venues here to choose from, a few of which I am growing quite fond; many of which I still have to explore.

My plans, as they have a tendency to do, have taken numerous detours, but my hostel goal remains the same. I do believe Austin is the place to do it, and I don’t know that I could find a more personally suitable location to call home.

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Heating up


Not much to report; mainly just trying out a new app…

The temps are hitting low 90s; I’ve started seeing fireflies on occasion – in fact, the other night, one flashed overhead, and when I tipped my head back to follow it, I saw a shooting star! That was pretty cool :)

I got a new phone. Finally moved on from the BlackBerry; got me a Samsung Galaxy Light (with Android). I’m remembering why smart phones are dangerous for me – me and my time management, that is.

The TreeHouse gig is looking like a no-go, but I haven’t managed to give up all hope just yet. I’m still dreaming up ways to manifest my hostel.

I snapped that pic above while on a walk with Cin the other day; thought it was rather splendid.

Austin continues to burrow into my heart. I couldn’t be happier to be here :)

Love to you all <3

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6 months a Texan

tx independence

I arrived in Austin 6 months ago, today. What a trip! It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. And March 2nd is Texas Independence Day, so I got myself this nifty key chain to commemorate my own Texan independence :) It feels pretty good to live someplace with so much pride in its locality. It’s contagious. I may not be 100% on board with everything that is Texas, but I am proud to be a Texan. Who knows – maybe it’s just Austin that instills such delight.

I found another appealing boutique hotel I’ll be applying to: Heywood Hotel. I drove past it the other day, and just had to stop in. They have only 7 rooms, and I really dig the vibe! Then, if the hotel plan burns out, I might look into employment at Home Depot, because – as my dad keenly noted – another skill-set I’ll be needing at my hostel will be those I could learn there. We’ll see what unfolds…

I’m keeping the faith, and reminding myself that my hostel is seeing to itself while I stay out of its way until the time comes for our convergence. Meanwhile – still grateful to be here.

On another note, I got to meet the famous “Bevo” – a local celebrity longhorn. A group that was staying with us arranged to have him visit the hotel. He’s massive! Good times :)

Bevo 2

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A meandering venture adventure


So…. The bank (credit union) did get back to me about my business loan request. They said it wasn’t exactly a “denial”, but that they were not confident in my cost predictions, and wanted more information. Truth be told, I’ve been losing confidence, as well. The houses in my price range have been moving farther and farther out of town on what seems to be a weekly basis. Thus, I have posted a listing in the forum on, seeking a partner or investor. I am also re-considering the rental option. I’ve decided to just let go of my sense of urgency, put out into the Universe my request, and see what comes back. The intensity of this dream of mine remains unwaverable – it is still all I can see myself doing happily – and yet, I am finding a sense of contentment to just let it unfold naturally. I do what I do; I network here and there, I become increasingly familiar with this new town of mine, and I find I have an effortless faith that something will come together.

When I realized that I didn’t need to be at this job I’m not so fond of – since the sole purpose was to appease the lending institution which is now notably less relevant – I decided I should come up with an alternative means of income ASAP. It occurred to me, however, that I might as well stick with the hospitality industry, since that is where I’m headed, and where I’m already at. Then I realized that I believe I would be much happier at the Hotel San Jose, where it seems the nature of the overall culture would be more congruent with my own, so I submitted a resume and application. (That’s the┬ásame place I checked out for New Year’s Eve; compared to my present occupation: Hotel Ella – if you know me, you’ll recognize the discrepancy.) They said they are not presently hiring, but I’ll check back periodically, and keep my fingers crossed in the meantime. (And I’m now also crossing my fingers in the additional hope that none of my current employers sees this… I’m not too concerned.)

In another attempt to open doors, I have applied for what appears to be an amazing opportunity, called the “Enviropreneur Institute“. It’s a 2 week workshop in July, put on by PERC (Property and Environment Research Center), held in Bozeman, MT. Those selected will receive a $1500 stipend for transportation and food, supplemental to that provided at the site where lodging is covered, as well. I think this would just be so friggin cool! And what a great way to gain potential traction for my own “enviropreneurial” project?! My fingers are crossing for so many things these days, it’s increasingly difficult to tpye ;)

Well, that’s the current state of my meandering venture adventure. I eagerly await a glimpse at what lies around the next bend, while fondly gazing at my eco-hostel vision board :)

Vision Board

my vision board

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Texan Relocation – Update 10 (the last)

Official Texan

Official Texan

Well folks, it’s about that time…

While my great adventure persists with each breath, my “Texan Relocation” is officially complete – I’m a Texan, now! :D I got my car registered the other day, and I just received my new Texas driver’s license.

Cinnamon and I continue to explore new and wondrous parts of this gorgeous land they call “Hill Country”. We took a quick detour recently just to cross the famous 360 bridge, and today, we day-tripped to lovely San Antonio. We stopped at a dog park, drove around a bit, traversed most of the River Walk, and found a soft-spot for Southtown.

The hostel plan is doing its part to aid in my lesson in patience and delayed gratification, but its development is imminent. One reason I went to San Antonio was to consider it as a more affordable alternative, but it shall remain a potential back-up plan for now. Austin’s unique charm is keeping me here, and its rising housing costs are simply going to force me to become more creative. I will carry on with progress reports as this venture unfolds further.

Speaking of the time things take, I am learning more and more the value of allowing full maturation – for anything, be it fruit, a friendship, or an opportunity. For some reason, this is a challenging thing for me to embrace, but I am also allowing that process its own time :) Another thing I’m anxiously awaiting is the chance to take more mini trips to farther reaches of Texas; I would especially like to meet the Gulf of Mexico.

This has been a wild ride, and I expect my plans to keep the pleasant surprises coming. What an exciting journey I’ve undertaken! My gratitude goes out to those of you who have followed along; it can be a scary thing to embark on a journey alone, but having the support of loved-ones is a priceless reinforcement, indeed.

Austin 360 Bridge

Austin 360 Bridge

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