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The winds of change

I have embarked on another new journey, and it all started with a return to singlehood. Although it is a return visit, the perspective is always new every trip. This time, one of the new aspects involves my living situation. I am now renting a room in a house with two other beings, which I found on craigslist. I am not thrilled about the arrangement, but there is much to appreciate. Something I discovered recently is that I’m experiencing sensations similar to those found traveling solo. I rather like this :) It’s interesting that I should find myself in this position, since I have long preferred to be a participant in a close relationship, and yet have spent much of my time alone. It seems I am finally settling into the independence I have for so long sought after. I am focusing more and more of my energy on changes I wish to bring about in my life, and one perk of my less-than-thrilling home-state is that I trust I won’t get too comfortable! This is especially beneficial since I want to move to Austin, Texas :D I think I am going to leave in September on a road trip to Illinois with my father for family matters, and then move to Austin! I am so excited, I could squeal! There is a lot of unknowns in this equation, but I am learning to create work orders to hand over to my trusted associate, Omni :) I still fantasize about the hostel that awaits me in the future. I am not sure whether it is located in Austin, or Paraty, Brazil, or somewhere else, but I know its reality is as true as my own. It is difficult for a moderate control freak, such as myself, to let go of excessive planning details, but I believe that the more I trust and delegate to my associate, the more easily – and quickly! – things will flow. I sense that my job description mainly entails prolific imagination, and simple one-foot-in-front-of-the-other action. I have decided that the frequency at which I wish to vibrate in this Universe, is that of Awesome ;)


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