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Battle of the Burrs

So… there are some fiendish little seeds down here that have made their way into the number 2 slot for my least favorite things at present (number 1 being mosquitoes): burrs. The way in which these devil dots are affecting me negatively has to do with my dog. She has a grand ol’ time frolicking through the bushes, then comes out with a blanket of green mats, and when we get home I spend 1 to 2 hours de-burring her. The other day was the worst yet, and after an initial go at brushing her out on the kitchen floor, I found myself too daunted by the task at hand, and made the heart-wrenching decision to surrender. I took her to the groomers… and… I had her shaved :( I almost cried. She loves it, but I feel like I just butchered a work of art.

cin shave 3

Unfortunately, shortly after this pic was snapped, she collected a new burr coat. It took 50min to remove at home. Fortunately, it was much easier, but I’m hating these things with a renewed passion.

Here is a poor photo of one of the shrubs that bear the burrberries:

burr bush

Here are a few of the demon spawn:

burr berries

Here is a sea of them:

burr sea

And here is Cinnamon after a swim:

burr coat

I wish I had taken a photo of her with these covering her full coat.

So, now she’s got her summer cut, and I’m bummed about my dumb looking monkey-deer-dog, while I get to continue raking these hellions off of her multiple times a week. Thank you, Texas. (Overall, I really am still happy to be here.) I’m planning on acquiring my own grooming clippers so that I can take care of the trim next year myself, and shear her coat to a more moderate length – before she gets matted to emergency.

Hopefully, I will find a way to live in peace with this native plant. At least it only goes to seed a couple months per year. I suppose I can learn to just push through the Texan summers, with their intense heat, voracious mosquitoes, and pesky burrs. There is quite a lot this fair city has to offer in return :)

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