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I don’t know why an empty chair spoke to me for this post…

As an update from my last communique here: I recently underwent a profound internal transformation. The man I am with (same one), is a polar opposite from me in many ways, and the experience triggered a number of insecurities, as well as shed light on a number of undesirable patterns. Intuiting that running would only perpetuate the issues for me, I chose to stick it out, determined to learn the lesson that was being offered to me. To make a potentially long story short: I did a lot of personal inquiry, and finally discovered how to meet my needs on my own, and how to properly love myself.

I had known that in order to receive, you must give, and so wanting more love, I kept pouring more love into the relationship, but it never filled me up, until I realized that I needed to give myself the love I sought. Recognizing the ways in which I was abandoning myself, I re-assimilated, and fortified my foundation. From there, I was able to tell myself everything I’d longed to hear – and could only really benefit from hearing from me. Now, I feel steadily grounded, and really quite healthy. I have every confidence that I will never experience those old patterns again, and that I am well on my way to the partnership I desire :)

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