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A meandering venture adventure


So…. The bank (credit union) did get back to me about my business loan request. They said it wasn’t exactly a “denial”, but that they were not confident in my cost predictions, and wanted more information. Truth be told, I’ve been losing confidence, as well. The houses in my price range have been moving farther and farther out of town on what seems to be a weekly basis. Thus, I have posted a listing in the forum on, seeking a partner or investor. I am also re-considering the rental option. I’ve decided to just let go of my sense of urgency, put out into the Universe my request, and see what comes back. The intensity of this dream of mine remains unwaverable – it is still all I can see myself doing happily – and yet, I am finding a sense of contentment to just let it unfold naturally. I do what I do; I network here and there, I become increasingly familiar with this new town of mine, and I find I have an effortless faith that something will come together.

When I realized that I didn’t need to be at this job I’m not so fond of – since the sole purpose was to appease the lending institution which is now notably less relevant – I decided I should come up with an alternative means of income ASAP. It occurred to me, however, that I might as well stick with the hospitality industry, since that is where I’m headed, and where I’m already at. Then I realized that I believe I would be much happier at the Hotel San Jose, where it seems the nature of the overall culture would be more congruent with my own, so I submitted a resume and application. (That’s the┬ásame place I checked out for New Year’s Eve; compared to my present occupation: Hotel Ella – if you know me, you’ll recognize the discrepancy.) They said they are not presently hiring, but I’ll check back periodically, and keep my fingers crossed in the meantime. (And I’m now also crossing my fingers in the additional hope that none of my current employers sees this… I’m not too concerned.)

In another attempt to open doors, I have applied for what appears to be an amazing opportunity, called the “Enviropreneur Institute“. It’s a 2 week workshop in July, put on by PERC (Property and Environment Research Center), held in Bozeman, MT. Those selected will receive a $1500 stipend for transportation and food, supplemental to that provided at the site where lodging is covered, as well. I think this would just be so friggin cool! And what a great way to gain potential traction for my own “enviropreneurial” project?! My fingers are crossing for so many things these days, it’s increasingly difficult to tpye ;)

Well, that’s the current state of my meandering venture adventure. I eagerly await a glimpse at what lies around the next bend, while fondly gazing at my eco-hostel vision board :)

Vision Board

my vision board

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Making adventure where I can

I just came across a note-to-self to “start an annual new-destination tradition” – Great Idea! I am definitely the type of traveler who would prefer to see a little bit of a lot of locations, rather than a lot of just a few spots. A large part of the joy of travel for me is the thrill of witnessing something brand new. So, I asked myself how to go about starting such a custom, then considered when the last time I visited a new destination was, and came up with my day-trip to San Antonio on 1/14/14. Henceforth, that shall be my go-someplace-I’ve-never-been date :D Every January, I will make sure I go somewhere I’ve never experienced, whether I take a trip to a far-off land, or even if it’s just a new restaurant, park, or road.

Fun! :)



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