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Texan Relocation – Update 10 (the last)

Official Texan

Official Texan

Well folks, it’s about that time…

While my great adventure persists with each breath, my “Texan Relocation” is officially complete – I’m a Texan, now! :D I got my car registered the other day, and I just received my new Texas driver’s license.

Cinnamon and I continue to explore new and wondrous parts of this gorgeous land they call “Hill Country”. We took a quick detour recently just to cross the famous 360 bridge, and today, we day-tripped to lovely San Antonio. We stopped at a dog park, drove around a bit, traversed most of the River Walk, and found a soft-spot for Southtown.

The hostel plan is doing its part to aid in my lesson in patience and delayed gratification, but its development is imminent. One reason I went to San Antonio was to consider it as a more affordable alternative, but it shall remain a potential back-up plan for now. Austin’s unique charm is keeping me here, and its rising housing costs are simply going to force me to become more creative. I will carry on with progress reports as this venture unfolds further.

Speaking of the time things take, I am learning more and more the value of allowing full maturation – for anything, be it fruit, a friendship, or an opportunity. For some reason, this is a challenging thing for me to embrace, but I am also allowing that process its own time :) Another thing I’m anxiously awaiting is the chance to take more mini trips to farther reaches of Texas; I would especially like to meet the Gulf of Mexico.

This has been a wild ride, and I expect my plans to keep the pleasant surprises coming. What an exciting journey I’ve undertaken! My gratitude goes out to those of you who have followed along; it can be a scary thing to embark on a journey alone, but having the support of loved-ones is a priceless reinforcement, indeed.

Austin 360 Bridge

Austin 360 Bridge

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Adventures in Wonderland

wcp - pines wcp - path wcp - cactus wcp - cliff trail 1 walnut creek tx - 80F Dec2 wcp - gorge wcp - white stones water over the bridge

Welcome to Austin’s Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park – or as I like to call it, Wonderland. These pictures do little to capture its magnificence. The park covers a whopping 293 acres of woods, clearings, creeks, and trails, approximately half of which is off-leash for dogs. Cin and I go exploring here about weekly. We still haven’t covered the whole park, but we’ve finally found a good route that works well. It can get a little tricky with so many trails, and there are a lot of social trails, most of which dead-end, plus some of the official trials look like social trails, and others run into less-than functional water crossings. But we’ve got it down now.

The first time we visited this park, I was in total awe. We went wandering all over the place, and I was sure I had found Wonderland. It has such a variety of landscapes, and even in the winter, with so many of the trees bare, it is incredibly beautiful. It is a little out of town, but still well within the bustle of the city, and it’s amazing to get lost in such a huge wilderness when you’re still in a city. It reminds me of a park in Seattle that a friend had nicknamed “City Hike”.

Just another reason I feel fortunate to be where I am :)

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