Texan Relocation – Update 9

30 Dec
lotus blossom

My Christmas Gift to Self.

Well, there’s not much to update as of yet, but I wanted to touch base nonetheless. Plus, I wanted to share this beautiful piece of art I picked up for myself – isn’t it lovely? It’s about 10″x8″, a print on a metallic medium of a painting on what appears to be wood. I’m just so fond of it :) I found it at the second of two indoor “bazaars” I checked out, which are put on annually during the holiday season. Those were a lot of fun. The first, the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, was centrally located, held in a large events center, had live music playing, and you could peruse the local artisan merchant stands while enjoying a tasty adult beverage! Despite my best intentions, I was not able to walk away empty handed ;) The second I attended was the Blue Genie Art Bazaar, which was a bit further out of town, in a smaller venue, with unmanned artisan displays. Both had amazing items for sale. It was like visiting art galleries, with a wide variety of artistic mediums presented, most of which had relatively more utility than standard display art :)

On a side-note, there was one item in particular, that has very much captured my profound interest. This local glass artist has created what he calls “pocket galaxies” and omygoodness, let me just say, “Wow.” They are 3-inch glass spheres, with the most amazing celestial representations inside. I’ve never wanted something so frivolous so much! They run about $400-800, depending on the complexity and the number of moons – which are opals! I told him that owning one of these has now taken the number two position, behind a ride on one of the Orient Express trains, on the now 2-item list of things I want to do when I strike it rich. Wow.

Aside from that, I’m still tucked into my make-shift room, getting into a groove at the boutique hotel, biding my time in wait for the green light on my hostel, and thoroughly enjoying becoming an Austinite. I opened up a couple accounts with the credit union from which I’m seeking financial support for the business venture. I did it, half to ingratiate myself with them, and half because I’ve long been interested in joining a credit union – I’m happy I finally have :) After completing the stated preferred minimum employment, I have re-applied for the loan with them. I received an email to clarify a couple points, but no final word yet. I’m sure the holidays are delaying the process. That’s ok – I’m feeling very confident that this dream of mine is going to come together one way or another :)

I found an intriguing New Year’s Eve celebration option: a free party at an awesome hotel, the Hotel San Jose. I’ve heard good things about that spot, I love the look of it, and I’m stoked I get to go check it out – and for free, too; it happens to be the only free event I’ve seen so far. If it turns out to be lame, my fallback choice will be the ever-welcoming Firehouse Hostel & Lounge. It’s become one of my main go-to bars; I’m just so comfortable there – go figure – and I’m becoming increasingly familiar with the owners, so it’s always nice to see friendly faces :)

That’s about it for now – stay tuned! The final stages of Relocation lie just ahead…

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