Texan Relocation – Update 1

02 Sep

After a bit of a delay, Cinnamon and I hit the road at 11:30am PDT, on Wednesday 8/28. We drove and drove, and drove further still. We saw some beautiful sights passing through eastern and southern Washington, northeastern Oregon, and southern Idaho.

It turned out that the website I had used to get a sense of the trip, ran about 2 hours shy of accurate when quoting drive times. We stopped for the night in Burley, after 11 hours on the road, when I recognized that I could not safely continue any further. After a night of rest, we continued our trek, clipping northern Utah, and traversing east across southern Wyoming, where we excitingly crossed the continental divide!

When I began to dread the proposed length of this day’s trip, I opted to call it a day in Cheyenne. We arrived there after 9.5 hours of driving. I had suspected 10 hours was just about my limit, and so far, this has been confirmed. Of course, we made the occasional pit stops along the way, for gas, food, potty breaks, and leg stretches. It was nice to take an extra leisurely break with this unplanned night on the road.

On Friday, we turned south into Colorado, and after a little over 3 hours on the road, we arrived at my mom’s home in Colorado Springs, for a hugs and hellos. Then we made our way east, out to Ellicot in the plains, where my sister lives. We parked the CR-V in the garage, and said good riddance to driving for a while.

On Saturday, Cin hung out in the cool basement for a bit, while my sister, her husband, and I went to see the big cats at the Serenity Springs Wildlife Center. That was awesome. Sunday, my sister and I went out to explore the Paint Mines with Cinnamon, who had a blast frolicking about. The colorful stone structures out there were stunning.

Today – Monday – my sister and I will go spend some time with our mom, and then I’ll do some laundry, get packed back up, and Cin and I will hit the road again tomorrow morning…

This has been a lovely mini-vacation – from all my worries :)

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