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Adventure is my middle name!

40 hours and counting…

I am about to embark on another grand adventure, and I’m practically trembling with excitement! I have sold Rex-Treks to the most fabulous successor I could have wished for, and I’ve tied up all my loose ends in Seattle. The morning after tomorrow, I take to the road.

At 10am Wednesday morning – August, 28th 2013 – my dog, Cinnamon, and I will kiss Seattle goodbye and head southeast for approximately 11 hours to make camp (at the pet-friendly Super 8) in Ogden, UT, before continuing on for another 10 or so hours to Colorado Springs, to stay with my sister and visit with her and my mom for a few days. (Incidentally, Thursday 8/29 will be my dog’s 4th birthday :) On Tuesday, September 3rd, we will resume our southern emigration, driving for 8 hours to stay (at another Super 8) in Lubbock, TX, and finally completing the journey after a 6 hour trip to arrive in Austin on Wednesday, September 4th.

I have arranged a place for us to stay for the first couple nights via, and I’m stoked to be kicking off my experience with that crowd-service! I will spend the first few days simply enjoying myself and becoming acquainted with my new town, and then on Monday 9/9 I will get busy hammering out the steps to bring Posada Rustica out of my head and made manifest! I’ll need to secure a loan, research zoning laws and other applicable restrictions and regulations, hunt down the perfect building (most likely a house), make the necessary modifications, and open for business. I am very hopeful to have all of this completed in time for Austin’s famous music festival – South by Southwest (SXSW) – which takes place annually in March, and brings in an astounding number of tourists.

While working on getting my dream off the ground, I also plan to see about setting up another “Yappy Hour” situation, where I do doggie nail trims for spending money – just for the interim. I will also be seeing about a reasonable rental situation for temporary residence. I’ve already begun networking a little, and I’m really looking forward to meeting my new friends!

I am frequently struck by various emotions regarding this big change. Mostly it’s pure thrill, occasionally surreal disbelief, and every now and then a twinge of doubt. I’m pretty sure it’s the absolute best thing I could possibly do for myself, but sometimes that old friend Fear kicks in, and I have to remind myself, that Fear always accompanies change, and that the worst case scenario is far from devastating. I have come to find that my plans may not always work out, but that something always does work out :)

Barely contained… :D

(Oh – and regarding Lose, Find, Grow: I’m now thinking that after I get the hostel up and running, I’d like to turn LFG into a grander project, with an interactive platform for people to share their stories of travel, personal growth, and sustainability; I’d change the name of my own blog to “Lost, Found, Grew”.)

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