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Making things happen

Alright – it’s decided. I am definitely moving to Austin this fall, and I am definitely starting my first hostel. Whether a stand-alone, or an eventual global chain, I have named it Posada Rustica (Rustic Inn, in Spanish) – check out the preliminary website! I’ve even come up with a vision and a mission statement – Vision: “Enhancing the joy of travel with heartfelt community and ecological stewardship”; Mission: “Posada Rustica operates to provide welcoming lodging accommodations for conscientious travelers, and to promote sustainable self-reliance with permacultural design.”

So maybe I have a few carts before my as-of-yet unacquired horse… Pshh – details! I’m all about visualization, and I defy conventional procedure! I say, do what can be done when it can be done, and it’ll still come together.

I called this my “first hostel” because I suspect there may be more. As I continued to ponder my dabbling nature, it occurred to me that there is a distinct possibility that I may get bored in Austin, and may want to start another new adventure at some point. I then realized that, just as I whipped up Rex-Treks and turned it into a thing of value from which I intend to spring forth this next project, I can surely do so again! I have thus dubbed my life-title: “Entrepreneur” :D Check out these swanky networking cards I made up (on Vistaprint)-

networking cards

And also check out that site – it’s super rad! I’m pretty pleased with my page :)

In any case, I am lovingly taking in this last Seattle Summer (well – probably not last last), and growing increasingly excited about the next phase of my journey.

Super excited! :D

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