New horizons

21 Jan

I have it on good authority that my life is headed for another somersault. I’m excited :D Though, I have a lot to figure out in order to steer myself gracefully into it. The objective is to better align my endeavors with my spiritual vibration and cosmic purpose.

I recently came across some questions to explore, such as “Why do I dabble so?” “What prohibitive voices am I allowing to hold me back?” “How can I be a better saver of money and all other forms of energy?” “What is the thing which will rocket me out of bed in the morning?” “What are my marketable strengths?” “What would I do for free?”

I have discovered that one thing most of these boil down to is… Travel. I feel foolish for feeling foolish for thinking I can make a living from such a leisure activity. And yet, I think I want to become a travel blogger. I would like to distinguish myself by combining my desire to promote global exploration through sustainable ecotourism with my joy of sharing personal growth and spiritual development lessons. I’m thinking my tagline could be “World Wide Self Exploration”.

I’m not sure about – well, a lot of things, but I did find this well-reviewed program called Travel Blog Success, and it could be just the ticket I need for a proper education. I think once my savings recovers from the holidays, I will give this a go!

Looking forward to new discoveries…

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