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Free falling

Well, I’ve done it. I dove off the proverbial cliff, quit my job, and went into business for myself. Now, I just have to gather a client base to land on before I hit the ground… The waiting is considerably excruciating. Today brings a close to my first week of operation, though the only work accomplished so far has involved administrative duties, mainly advertising. Before leaving my previous place of employment, I had already prepared the necessary paperwork, such as acquiring licensing, bonding, and insurance, and putting together various forms, including a service agreement and a welcome packet, and even gathered useful equipment, like a sling bag, a planner, dog treats, and poo bags. I am 100% ready to get moving – I just need somewhere to go…

What is it I’m doing? How nice of you to ask :) I am actually doing something incorporating “travel, exploration, and adventure”: I intend to be a professional dog walker. (I will also offer training, but dog-walking will be the core of my business, at least for starts.) I’ve done this before, for the company where I last worked, but they had to phase that aspect out of their business, and I came to miss it greatly. I love that I get to travel around my city, explore up-close various neighborhoods, and to top it off, this time, I’ll be riding the adventure of doing all on my own!

But not quite yet. I must now continue to wait for my small advertising efforts to pay off. I placed business cards at local veterinary offices, pet supply stores, and grooming shops, I posted ads on Craigslist, Yelp, Facebook, and Google, and I have listings on Yahoo Local and Superpages still pending approval. I even tacked up some business cards at the dog park in my service area, and walked around Green Lake (a popular pedestrian path, and dog walking route), approaching people with dogs, asking if they were interested in my services, and was pleased to find a number of receptive potential clients, happy to take a business card.

Still no word. I know it’s only been a week – not even a whole one yet, as this day (Friday) is as yet still incomplete – but this vacuum is torturous! What will I do if I still have not a single client by this time next week? Do I give up? Do I double down on advertising? Do I seek temporary work while the waiting continues? I don’t know. These past few days have reminded me, rather sharply, of my weakness in the skill of patience. Yet, this experience is also actively challenging my faith; repeatedly calling it to mind, and continually comforting me with its strength. The most important thing I have to bear in mind is my faith in my blessings: I know that everything will turn out alright. It’s just that not knowing how can be a frustrating hurdle for a slight control-freak to accept.

Woosah… I got this.


Check it out: it’s called Rex-Treks :)

P.S. I still hold onto the hope of owning a hostel in the tropics somewhen in the future; now I add to it that this will aid me on that journey. Keeping the faith…

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