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Feeling inspired

I just ran across this article: Why Travelers Make Great Entrepreneurs: Lessons From The Road, from the BootsnAll site. It’s about two young women who became friends abroad, and later started an awesome business venture. In the article, they list 5 lessons they picked up while traveling and utilized while setting up their business. In summary, they are 1) Make it work, 2) People and connections are everything, 3) Plan, but be flexible, 4) Know that fear is good, and 5) Be confident.

I harbor a fantasy of finding a way to fashion my life more like it operates when I travel, and less like a common Westerner. This is what these girls set out to do, as well, and the fact that they succeeded is truly inspirational to me. Of course, it seems obvious that they have access to greater financial backing than I do, but a hurdle does not need to be an impediment.

I still don’t know how I’m going to make this dream come true, but it’s been on my mind more so lately, and seeing this article has served as a reminder that all I need is a clear, bold hope, and the strength of faith to let the Universe work out the how. However, I do still need to work on that clarifying bit, or the Universe isn’t going to know where to start.

Do I want to run a hostel? See about a getting a patent on a newfangled idea? Become a professional dog trainer and/or walker? Start a dog-friendly B&B with training services? Get a job promoting ecotourism? Put enough effort into my travel website to make it profitable? … ?

I don’t know, yet, but I do know that I want my time to be more flexible, and my attention to detail and task-orientation to be more rewarded. I want to make at least twice as much as I currently earn, and I want to be able to travel at least twice a year – once to visit family, and once to explore someplace new. I want to care about what I do, and I want to enjoy at least 80% of it.

Ok, Universe, I’m open. Bring it :)

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