Adventure spirit

22 Dec

Today, I embraced my adventure spirit, just a little. Every Thursday, I pass through a quaint little alley on my way to a regular appointment. Each time I walk through there, I notice more and more amusing details, like the sign protruding from a wall, two-and-a-half stories up, disclosing the presence of a small travel agency. This time, I was a few minutes early, and decided to seek it out.

I tentatively made my way through a seemingly private entrance into a courtyard for the building, and then proceeded to nose around a bit, and start climbing the stairs, I leaned over a railing to get another look at the sign, and discovered the suite number, which confirmed I was headed in the right direction. When I found the proper door, I peered through for the sake of my nostalgia for my past and brief career as a travel agent. None of the agents noticed me, but their pet dog did. She came to inspect me, and so I decided to enter.

I had a lovely chat with the ladies in there, and left for my appointment with a slight spring in my step. I felt kinda awesome having explored a new nook in my city, and I hope to embrace that spirit some more…

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Posted by on 12/22/2011 in Action


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