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Adventure spirit

Today, I embraced my adventure spirit, just a little. Every Thursday, I pass through a quaint little alley on my way to a regular appointment. Each time I walk through there, I notice more and more amusing details, like the sign protruding from a wall, two-and-a-half stories up, disclosing the presence of a small travel agency. This time, I was a few minutes early, and decided to seek it out.

I tentatively made my way through a seemingly private entrance into a courtyard for the building, and then proceeded to nose around a bit, and start climbing the stairs, I leaned over a railing to get another look at the sign, and discovered the suite number, which confirmed I was headed in the right direction. When I found the proper door, I peered through for the sake of my nostalgia for my past and brief career as a travel agent. None of the agents noticed me, but their pet dog did. She came to inspect me, and so I decided to enter.

I had a lovely chat with the ladies in there, and left for my appointment with a slight spring in my step. I felt kinda awesome having explored a new nook in my city, and I hope to embrace that spirit some more…

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Travel-Self, True-Self

One of the things I most enjoy about travel is the way that it brings out a version of myself that seems most true to me. It seems that the daily trappings in which we find ourselves immersed, with our modern culture and societal structure, is rather far removed from what natural living really ought to be about. That whole discussion aside, I gotta say: I love the sensation of being in a new land, exploring new wonders, and doing it all on my own time, at my own pace, in pursuit of my own happiness.

Much of the knowledge I possess about myself has come by way of my travel experiences. I have learned that I am capable of easier spontaneity, and greater daring, than I had previously recognized. I know that I can find joy, and attract engaging company, in a multitude of situations. With very little effort, I can rack up an array of accomplishments in a single day, so long as my goals entail adventure, and my responsibilities are solely to my immediate well-being.

Ahh, if only it were the case that in order to experience and truly appreciate such freedom, we didn’t need to spend the rest of our time enslaved to our long-term responsibilities. For, if travel were my life, it would no longer be a break from the norm, but the standard, itself; then, what would a vacation entail? I believe that I require a rejuvenating home into which I can grow strong roots, and a big, strong set of wings, to carry me abroad, so that I can blossom throughout the world. Let’s see what I can do about that…

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