Adventure, tamed

12 Nov

As my wanderlust deepens, and my travel bug itches, I find myself making adventure where I can.

I try to do little things, like, take my dog to fun parks, go on new walks, explore new neighborhoods, and I try to do all these things with that eye of the traveler. I like to hang on to that perspective you have when you travel that is lost so quickly at home. It’s tricky, but if you make the effort, you can kind of approximate it.

In further efforts to satisfy a growing urge for adventure, I’ve joined some new “meetups” and even started one of my own (again, after a previously failed attempt). As my motivation to grow personally and spiritually persists, I have finally started going to therapy – that’s certainly a new adventure, AND it qualifies as exploration. Ooh! I also picked up a new little hobby of shopping a local bead store for bits and tools to make my own jewelry! I love the pieces I’ve created so far. Exciting… Plus, I signed up for this adventure workshop; I’m looking forward to what new marvels that has in store.

Even my hometown of Seattle has so much to explore that I’ve never even seen – some, I’m still learning about! I have a fond affinity for the Conservatory, at Volunteer Park. In fact, I’ve been meaning to visit again, especially with Winter creeping up. I find it quite restorative. Still, it can be tricky to explore such a metropolis on a tight budget.

I write this mainly to remind myself of the adventure all around me. Embracing the be-do-have model, if I want to be a traveler, I have to do what travelers do, which largely involves being adventurous. So, here’s to doing more of that kind of being…

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